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Forum is fully functional and up and running, all that is left is to USE it! Let everyone know and remember... KEEP INVITING! We need to grow to fulfill our potential. Thank you to everyone who has done so much for us thus far! Best of luck to everyone in the future.
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 Future Goals

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PostSubject: Future Goals   Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:38 pm

Okay so I just thought I would throw out some of our goals for the future seeing as we ARE growing, albeit slow, yet steadily. I'm sure some of you have grown curious because somewhere along the lines of a "leveling" guild, people will hit the level cap, and what is left for them to do but go out in to the great big world of Kil'jaeden to find themselves a wolf pack to do end-game content with? Well we'd like to keep everything together as much as possible.

End-Game Goals

We would potentially like to pursue end-game content and old world alike, with raiding content such as raider achievements, and gear. Hopefully we can all come together to pursue this goal in the future. Hopefully Weekly if possible.

Personally I myself have a favor in PvP and this is probably where I would be most adamant about perfection, completion, and achievement. I would like to establish Rated BGs and Arena groups between all of our members as well as we can. If it comes down to swapping players out every other go or what have you I would like to get this going in an efficient manner. Hopefully Weekly if not Daily.

Some of us in particular feel daunted with the task of leveling, the leap from 1 to cap is a long journey and we fear it. I feel that if it were to be able to be accomplished together, it would run a lot smoother and give new players and even old players the chance to level quickly, and more efficiently. This includes group questing, dungeoning, and premade/partial premade BGs.

I am very interested in some players views of early game twinking, although I have noticed it's become much easier what with high end PvP sets and low level BoA sets, but I am not opposed to having a set of twinks available. With twinks around BG leveling could potentially become very simple for those looking to BG level and whatnot. It will not be our basis but would be interesting to incorporate it.

High-Ranking Guild Members
I do ranking based on activity and overall contribution, if I see your name often (positively of course) I generally have no problem promoting you! Although the officer positions lie between Zulfra and I currently, I am on the lookout for people to move up, I have no problem with that personally.

Guild Level
AND OF COURSE! The guild has just begun, I thank all of you for your hard work thus far, but there is still a long journey ahead of us! Please if at all possible, be sure to complete weekly guild challenges, I hope to set up low level raids until we can acquire more 85s! Questing together, or questing in general. Guild dungeons, BGs, achievements, anything! Anything you can do to contribute to the guild EXP would be greatly appreciated!

Questions? Comments?
I don't know about you, but I know there is a lot more to this game than standing around in Stormwind! if you see something you have a question about, or have a question about something you didn't see feel free to ask. Any suggestions to future goals we would love to hear them.
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Future Goals
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