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 Tewky - Clayton

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PostSubject: Tewky - Clayton   Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:10 am

Well then, my name is Clayton, I am your Co-Guildmaster/Guildmaster (it is yet to be decided between Zulfra and I lolz). People know me to be talkative in game and such and a pretty cool guy, well in real life I am more quiet than that lol. I WIN AWARDS ABOUT IT. I do however hear that I am a pretty decent guy. I also hear that I am a roleplayer at heart, and I tend to talk differently depending on what character I am playing (Weird. As. Shit.)
Basically in real life, I am in the entertainment and recreation careers, I am a Stage Manager in school and hope to establish myself as such in the future. I also am a percussionist for my school's Marching Band. I specialize in mallet instruments, not drums (Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone.)
I have been playing video games since I was 3 years old. It started with Starcraft, and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Both of which remain as my favorite games in the world. I was taught to read by playing Zelda, and I pride myself in my literacy, so I'm not a fan of talking with the u's and r's etc etc... My favorite type of games are Real Time Strategies. I am not in to action type games, they are worth a playthrough once as a single player game, but strategy is the only interesting thing to me past the first time around.
My favorite class is the Hunter. They can get nerfed and nerfed, but I have played hunter since the launch of vanilla, and they've always been my favorite despite how weak they may be!
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PostSubject: Re: Tewky - Clayton   Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:21 am

Heh, my turn. Name's Bruce W. Coburn. I'm a Captain class in the guild. Probably because I wouldnt let up about the Guild Bank on how un-organized it once was. I'm probably the loudest, rude-ist, most talkative in the guild. (Next to Tewky anyway). In game and in real life I like to be the center of attention. Doesnt matter how I get it. So long as I have everyones attention, I'm happy. I generally base my TOONS names off of a novel I'm working on. I went with a different out look this time. Although my main is named 'Brucecob' I will be changing his name. Most likely to; Saijan. (Japanese spelling is Seijin. For Holy Man; Pope).
Ok time for some brief history on my upbringing. I grew up in a small town. If you've played Fable for XBox, I swear the town could've passed for it. The only thing we had going for us was TV and Telphones. I never used the TV or Phone until I was 10-ish. I would adventure into the back woods. I learned to swim by my grandfather throwing me in the lake when I was 7 years-old without a life jacket. Told me if I wanted to eat I'd have to swim to shore. Was bullied in elementary school. Made the transicition from 'bullied' to 'bully' in middle school. became a 'bully' who bullies the bullies in high school.
I love fighting. Always have, always will. Love swords; Katanas, long-swords, bastard-swords. None of that whole fantasy 'dragon-slaying' long-sword. Those are just for display. I'm talking made for combat swords.
First video game would be I was 10 years-old, Nintendo 64; Zelda; Orcarina of Time. Still number 1 favorite. The would be Fable 1; Lost Chapters for XBox.
I'm pretty good at doing whatever it takes to get something done or achieve something. I've been told I have one of the strongest wills and perservience some people have ever seen. I've also noticed something about my personality that has been confirmed by others. I'm able to draw people towards me. Although people call me an idiot, moron, stupid, slow, retard, etc. Those same people would stand by my side in a time of battle. Whether it shows in the game or not, I don't know. Nor do I particularly care.
Hunter is deffinately the most fun class to play as. Paladins I would say is the most convenient class.
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Tewky - Clayton
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